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'Oz le-David : kovets mehkarim be-Tanakh mugash le-David Ben-Guryon bi-melot lo shiv'im ve-sheva' shanim...

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Price: $50.00

Publisher: Israel, Kiryat Sefer, 1964

Edition: In Hebrew. Title on spine Sefer Ben-Guryon.

'Yotse le-'or al yede ha-Hevrah le-heker ha-mikra be-Yisra'el, ha-Hevrah ha-'olamit la-Tanakh be-hishtatfut ha-Mahlakah le-hinukh ule-tarbut shel ha-Sokhnut ha-Yehudit bi-Yerushalayim'. Festshrift for David Ben-Gurion on his 77th birthday. View more info

Alonim - Ha-Kibbutz ha-Dati (Iyar-Sivan)

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Price: $20.00

Publisher: Israel, 1949

Edition: In Hebrew. Bulletin of the Kibbutz.

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Be-darkam: havre ha-Ihud she-naflu ba-ma'arakhah

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Price: $32.00

Publisher: Israel, Ihud ha-kevutsot veha-, 1968

Edition: pub cont: kibutsim. In Hebrew. Short, sentimental biographical sketches of & poetry about 66 IDF soldiers who died during the

comments cont: Six Day War. View more info

Derech Mitzvosecha

By: N/A

Price: $23.00

Publisher: NY, Kehot, 1996

Edition: In Hebrew. Explanations for the reasons of mitzvos.

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Haggadah Shel Pesach Tefutzot Yisrael (Diaspora Israel)

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Price: $24.00

Publisher: Ramat Gan, Masada, no date

Edition: In Hebrew. Pictures of immigrants. Association for the War on Cancer in Israel.

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Heawar - Devoted to the History of the Russian Jews (he-'Avar. Agudah le-heker toldot Yehude Rusyah ve-Ukrainah) Vol. XIV -Apri

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Price: $25.00

Publisher: Israel, Altira, 1967

Edition: In Hebrew, English summaries. Pub from 1952.

To the Memory of A. Goldstein, 1884-1949. Alexander Goldstein: Memoirs; An Appreciation & Recollections by Y.Greenbaum, J.Goldstein & J.Pevsner; Y.Slutsky: A.Goldstein; A. Goldstein: Thunder-& Silence; G. Elkoshi: Hebrew Press in Wilno in the 19th cent; Y. Slutzky: Russian Supplement to 'Hacarmel'; M.E. Eisenstadt: Yeshivah of Volozin; A.Littai: From Townlet to Town; Z.Rabinowitz: Gad Asher Levin from Pinsk; N.M.Gelber: S.L.Klachko; I.Klausner: Contribution of Dr.N.M.Gel... View more info

Kitve A. Ever-Hadani - ha-Yishuv Kotev historyah

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Price: $21.00

Publisher: Tel-Aviv, Y.Ts'ets'ik, 1968

Edition: In Hebrew. Pseudonym of Aharon Feldman, 1899-1972, Hebrew writer. Vol 7 of 7 vols.

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Kobez al jad: minora manuscripta Hebraica Tom VII (XVII) (Kovets 'al yad: divarim shebi-khtav ha-yotsim la-or ba-pa'am ha

By: N/A

Price: $27.00

Publisher: Israel, Mekize Nirdamim, 1968

Edition: In Hebrew. Machzori Piut Mi-Toch Kdoshta Le-Yom Kipur ha-Meiucheset Le-Yosi Ben Yosi. Title cont: -rishonah.

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Kobez al jad: minora manuscripta Hebraica Tom XII (XXII) (Kovets 'al yad: divarim shebi-khtav ha-yotsim la-or ba-pa'am ha

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Price: $29.00

Publisher: Israel, Mekize Nirdamim, 1994

Edition: In Hebrew. title cont: - rishonah.

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Koren - Torah Nevi'im Ketuvim

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Price: $90.00

Publisher: Israel, Koren, 1963

Edition: In Hebrew. Ernst Daniel Goldschmidt; Abraham Meir Habermann; Me'ir Medan. 1/2 leather.

First Tanach designed, edited, printed and bound by Jews in nearly 500 years. View more info

Ma'aseh ha-Geonim (cod.Goldschmidt-Frankfurt a.M.) mit Einleitung und Anmerkungen von A. Epstein, erganzt und redigiert

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Price: $45.00

Edition: In Hebrew. Reprint of 1909, Berlin. Title cont: Dr. J. Freimann. Verein Mekize Nirdamim.

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Me'arot Midbar Yehudah: seker arkhi'ologi bi-shenat 720 (The Judean Desert Caves - Archaeological Survey 1960)

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Price: $38.00

Publisher: Israel, Hebrew Univ/Israel, 1961

Edition: pub cont: Exploration Soc. In Hebrew. 30 pp of black & white plates.

J. Aviriam: Judean Desert Expeditions; N. Avigad: Expedition A; Y. Aharoni: Expedition B: P.Bar-Adon: Expedition C: Y.Yadin: Expedition D; B. Lifshitz: Greek Documents from Nahal Seelim & Nahal Mishmar; L.Y. Rachmani: Coins from Nahal Seelim & Nahal Hardof; H. Nathan: Skeletons from Nahal Mishmar; D.V. Zaitschek: Remains of Cultivated Plants in the Caves of Nahal Mishmar; G.Witenberg: Parasites in Human Saeces in Archaeological Findings. Offprint from the Bulletin of the... View more info

Perushe rabenu Sa'adyah gaon 'al ha-Torah / liket, tirgem, ve-hosif mavo ve-he'arot Yosef David Kafah

By: N/A

Price: $36.00

Publisher: Israel, Mosad ha-Rav Kuk, 1963

Edition: In Hebrew.

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Postage Stamps of the Hebrew People in Israel Israel

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Price: $22.00

Publisher: c. 1937

Edition: In Hebrew. Small pictures of stamps that were pasted on to certain locations on the page that matched the desc of the picture

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Piskei Harid - The Rulings of Rabbi Isaiah The Elder of Terrani, Italy (13th Cent.) - Peskei Hariaz - The Rulings of

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Price: $35.00

Publisher: Israel, The Inst, 1971

Edition: In Hebrew. Vol 3 of 13 vols only.

title cont: Rabbi Isaiah The Younger of Terrani, Italy (14th Cent.) Relating to the Babylonian Talmud Issued for the First Time from Hitherto Unpublished Manuscripts with Introduction, annotations and Indices by the Members of the Institute For The Complete Israeli Talmud, Jerusalem, Volume Three Tractates: Betyzah, Rosh Hashanah, Taanith, Megillah Hagigah, Moed Katan, Halakhoth Ketanoth. View more info