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Midrash Eliyahu

By: Eliyahu ben Shelomoh Avraham, ha-Kohen

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Warsaw, bi-defus Yisrael Alapin, 1878

Edition: In Hebrew. Prof rebound. Sermons. Elijah ben Solomon, died 1729, one of the outstanding preachers of his time.

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Sefer Maginne erez: Sulhan 'aruk, Orah hayyim 'im ha-mefarsim weha-ma'alot...Ture zahav...Magen Avraham...Ateret zeqenim...

By: Karo,Joseph; Abele,Avraham; Dawid,ben Semuel ha-Lewi

Price: $55.00

Publisher: Warsaw, Lewin-Epshteyn, 1915

Edition: Vol 3 of 3. In Hebrew. Halacha. Commentaries.

title cont: Beer ha-gola...Hoq Ya'aqov... BOUND WITH: Jacob ben Jacob Moses, of Lissa (Lorbeerbaum). SEFER MEKOR HAYIM U-MAGEN ELEF. 1892, Levin-Epstein, Warsaw. Good. 252 pp. In Hebrew. Passover, customs & practices. Talmud, Keritot commentary. Jacob ben Jacob, 1760-1832, Polish rabbi & halakhist. Mekor Hayyim, 1st pub 1807, novellae & expositions of the laws of Passover in the Shulhan Arukh together with glosses of David b. Samuel ha-Levi & Abraham Abele Gumbiner on th... View more info

Maamar Torah min ha-shamayim

By: Rosenblum,Samuel

Price: $19.00

Publisher: Warsaw, w Drukarni Ch. Kelter'a i, 1864

Edition: pub cont: Spolki. In Hebrew. Revelation on Sinai.

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Di biografie fun a warshewer rov: ha-rav Z'vy Yecheskiel Michelsohn) The Biography of a Warsaw Rabbi - Z'vi Yecheskiel

By: Shemen,Nachman

Price: $26.00

Publisher: Montreal, Self-pub, 1948

Edition: title cont: Michelsohn. In Yiddish. Michelson, 1863-1942.

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Azoi Iz Es Gewen... (Destruccion de Varsovia)

By: Turkow,Jonas

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Buenos Aires, 1948

Edition: In Yiddish. Mit geto-tsaykhenungen fun Teofila Raykh, hile getsaykhnt durkh Y. Ben (pariz). Index.

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